Out of Ruin

Idle RPG Adventure

Explore the Realm!

Out of Ruin is an Idle RPG with a unique perspective. Manage a roster of Heroes; send them on quests to smite evil and collect legendary treasures.

In OoR you will find all the depth of a traditional RPG; epic gear, dark dungeons, legendary stories and salty heroes with nothing to lose.

Explore a vast untamed land full of corruption that only you can purge.

Manage Epic Heroes

Unearth legendary treasures!

Your heroes will quest to far away dungeons and explore the vast wildlands of the realm, battling corruption at every turn.

Find rare magical swords, boots, shields and other gear that empower your Heroes to move faster, fight better and heal quicker!

Answer the call to Adventure!

Progress constantly!

Success in Out of Ruin couldn't be easier.

No need to tap, click and increment your way to the good stuff, just point your heroes at the dungeons and let the loot pour in!